Capstone is the only local builder capable of designing and rendering your custom home completely in-house. We don't have a trademark style because we don't think you should be able to tell which builder built a house by driving by it. The homes we design are truly custom - they reflect our clients unique taste and style.


We never rush into a contract with a client. Instead, our company, and our clients, puts more work in up-front to ensure a smooth building process. We will custom design your kitchen, our Selections Coordinator will help you pick out nearly every item in your house, and we will provide a detailed, to-the-penny quote all before there are any commitments made by us or by you.


Either Craig or Blake Taelman will be your main point of contact throughout construction. You don't get passed off as soon as you sign a contract. Your Selections Coordinator will also be with you from beginning to end to answer any design-related questions that you have and to coordinate deliveries and ensure your vision comes to life.

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